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Irina Kolesnikova is returning to the stage.
After giving birth to a daughter Irina Kolesnikova is returning to the stage. The Saint Petersburg Ballet Theatre (SPBT) Prima Ballerina has commenced rehearsals. She is looking forward to three personal seasons in the capitals of France, Great Britain and Japan.

In Paris Irina will perform in Swan Lake, La Bayadère and Romeo and Juliet. In early 2014 the expectant ballerina’s condition required changes to be made to the schedule of performances in the French capital. Irina cancelled her participation in 10 advertised performances, but made a promise to her French fans to return to Paris by the spring of 2015. The traditional Irina Kolesnikova Season at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées will take place from 9th to 14th March.

London audiences are invited to the Irina Kolesnikova Season at the renowned Coliseum from 18th to 23rd August. English connoisseurs of the terpsichorean art have been looking forward to the Saint Petersburg ballerina’s return to London since 2009. It is no coincidence that only in 2011 the national Sunday Express wrote: “Irina Kolesnikova's reputation was built in the United Kingdome, we watched in wonder as this colossal talent blossomed year after year. Hurry back to us, Kolesnikova, we deserve you.”

The London Season will consist of La Bayadère and Swan Lake.

Irina will be performing in the Japanese capital for the third time, but for the first time in the superb Bunkamura Hall her tour will be taking place on a personal season basis. Japanese classical ballet fans will see Irina dance Odette-Odile, a role which has become her calling card, and Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

Irina Kolesnikova became a mother
Irina Kolesnikova congratulated on birth of daughter.

Saint Petersburg Ballet Theatre’s prima ballerina has become a mum; on 30 June Irina gave birth to a girl named Vasilina in a Saint Petersburg maternity hospital. For the ballerina whose life is dedicated to the stage, and for whom touring schedules are drawn up many years in advance, the birth of a child is a long awaited and doubly joyous event. Konstantin Tachkin, the father of the child is over the moon. According to him Irina is feeling wonderful and is hoping for a quick return to rehearsing and performing. For the next few months the young mum will be living according to the child’s schedule and getting into her previous shape.

By spring there will be a project in place which is emblematic for the prima entitled “Irina Kolesnikova invites”. Look out for the notices and news on the ballerina’s website

Irina Kolesnikova Invites Paris Feb 2014
The “Irina Kolesnikova Invites” project is to take place in full and within the declared time frame.

The “Irina Kolesnikova invites Stars of Dance” project will begin on 4th February 2014 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. The Saint Petersburg ballerina who commands great authority in the French capital has assembled in one programme several stars of Russian ballet who perform today on various world renowned stages. There will be seven performances featuring soloists of The Royal Ballet, The American Ballet Theatre, The Berlin State Opera and The Mariinskiy Theatre.

Irina’s concept has been endorsed by Vadim Muntagirov, Daniil Simkin, Iana Salenko and Tatiana Tkachenko. Although happy circumstances have changed the ballerina’s creative plans, the project will be realised in full and will definitely carry on into the future. Preparing the programme has taken a long time and has been painstaking, Irina has overseen every stage, she personally enjoyed the planning but fate has had its own say. Everyone involved in the project have reacted to the changes with understanding and we hope the audiences will react positively especially since there are many constant fans of Irina’s work who follow her work assiduously.

Irina is especially grateful to Natalia Matsak, star of The Ukrainian National Opera who has agreed to understudy her in all the shows in which the ballerina intended to take part.

Irina expresses her apologies and is expecting to see everyone in Paris on the stage of the Théâtre des Champs Elysées from 9th to 14th March where, under the auspices of the “Irina Kolesnikova invites Stars of Dance” project, Swan Lake (9th and 10th ), (La Bayadère 11th and 12th ) and Romeo and Juliet (13th and 14th ) will be performed . Irina has especially included in the programme those ballets in which she couldn’t take part. The names of Irina’s guests who will share the stage with her will be announced in good time.

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